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„Amal, Berlin!“  is a project for journalists who fled to Berlin. We provide professional training and practical advise – How to work as a journalist in Germany?

What is special about German media? What’s the difference between journalism in Germany and in other countries? How do the Germans think?

In a two month workshop we want to explore German journalism and media. We want to discuss ethics of reporting and get to know how to do research in the German capital. How to find the balance between freedom of expression and responsible journalism?

The workshop is very hands on we concentrate on practical work. The participants will write features on the German society. By doing research they will get familiar with the German custums and habits. How do the Germans live? How do they raise their children? Why don’t they get married?

Some of these feature stories will be published in the magazine Chrismon. The articles will be published in German, Arabic and Farsi. So refugees can learn about the German society and Germans get to know the point of view of the newcomers.

Amal, Berlin! Is a project by the Protestant School of Journalism (Evangelischen Journalistenschule). It is financed by the Protestant Church Germany. It is open to all journalists who came to Berlin in the last two or three years. The articles will be written in Arabic and Farsi. However, the participants should be able to communicate in English and German in order to follow the workshop and do research in Berlin. The participants should have accomodation and the right to reside in Berlin.

The workshop is free of charge. Wages are not paid as it is a trainig workshop.

First day of the workshop: 26. 9. 2016

Duration: 2 Month

After the initial workshop we plan to set up an internet based news service: „Amal, Berlin!“ – provides news on Berlin for the growing Arabic and Farsi speaking community of the German capital.

Interested? Please send us an application with a short CV, some samples of your work and a letter of motivation. Contact:  Julia Gerlach (julia.gerlach(at)